About my tech stack and development philosophy

Development Philosophy

My belief is that code should be extendable and understandable by other people. It took me a few years to understand and appreciate it, and I aim exactly at that. Code should be testable and follow comprehensive design. I use well known design patterns to solve problems, rather than to hack a solution that would be difficult to maintain (and test).

As requirements come and go, a software model should reflect that. I'm an advocate of continuous refactoring. To have a functioning software, having a functioning model is a must have. Main benefit of this approach is stability - in development, maintenance, and production. This also fills a gap in communication between other developers. Having well structured, tested, and self explanatory code helps people to understand it better. Adaptation of such approach supports better development processes and mood of fellow developers.

Technological Focus

As you can see from my career page, my main focus is backend development with a background in devOps. I also work a bit with frontend, but I don't focus on expanding my career there by any means (for now). I'm fond of object oriented, typed languages. I enjoy working with PHP (8.0 and higher), Kotlin, and TypeScript (Node.js). There's a lot of languages and technologies I find interesting. You can learn more about my tech stack on my showwcase profile. Feel free to connect with me there!