What I can offer you

Mentorship & Consultations

My main specialisation is software development and things around it. I am always eager and happy to share my insights and experience. I offer consultations about technologies I use, and about development processes as well. A few examples of what I can help with:

  • Workshops and lectures on various programming languages and technologies. You can take a look what my tech stack looks like here.
  • Implementing various processes: Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, SOLID Principles
  • Lectures about useful design patterns and how to think about software architecture
  • Advising with a tech stack for your next project

Software Development

Besides helping others as a consultant, I can also help as a developer. I acquired a lot of diverse experience by working on a few projects. Demands and tech stacks were changing on project basis. I worked on both small monolithic applications, and also large systems utilising microservices. Some codebases were mixing both worlds - monolithic codebase utilising cloud services.

I'm a big fan of building scalable and reliable software. Sky is the limit, and bringing ideas to life makes me happy. Key things I can focus on:

  • Rewriting and refactoring of legacy codebases and upgrading tech stack
  • Scaling of codebase with project demands
  • Splitting monolithic application into microservices
  • Building a strong foundation for new projects and setting up scalable software architecture
  • Delivering modern and fast web applications

Interested? Don't hesitate to contact me!